The Events and Marketing projects aimed at promoting a 'Friendly' town centre remain a key deliverable for gyBID, as the experience of visiting the town centre becomes as important as the shopping opportunities that it hosts. The current BID term has built on the success of previous Town Centre Partnership initiatives in the town centre by identifying additional partners and funding streams to encourage footfall and increase dwell times through more events and experiential activities. This needs to continue to promote the town centre as a more vibrant place for visitors, encouraging them to stay longer and return more frequently. A third BID term would continue with these achievements and seek to support town centre businesses with additional campaigns.

The BID has evolved at the request of businesses and reflects the demands identified through consultation and market research. In order to achieve these ambitions, we have collaborated with both print and broadcasting media partners on annual events that have driven high footfall numbers into the town centre. As a result, enhanced publicity has been achieved in the local and national media for the town through entertainment and marketing activities. Having established an annual schedule of events taking place at regular intervals of the year, facilitated free entertainment for shoppers to enhance the shopping experience, and built relationships with other events organisations and media, the Partnership will continue deliver the following over the next 5 years of gyBID:

  • An annual events schedule designed to increase footfall and dwell times throughout the year, including an emphasis on school holidays.
  • Dedicated and updatable information page on our town centre website for each gyBID premises.
  • The annual Christmas shopping and events guide, which will include a guide to the town centre and descriptions of its shopping areas.
  • A high profile Christmas trading campaign, delivering increased marketing and events at the height of the peak shopping period.
  • Summer campaigns to promote the town centre to our 5 million annual visitors.
  • Support car parking initiatives, such as the 'First Hour Free' scheme and free parking at weekends.
  • Increased street entertainment and performers to enhance the visitor experience.
  • Development of the use of social media to promote Great Yarmouth in general and the events being held to the public.
  • Promotion and development of additional events by working in Partnership with other organisations and community groups.

The full Events and Marketing proposals can be seen in the Business Plan 2016 – 2021, which can be found on the 'Documents' page.



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