Safety and Security – Ensuring the town is Safe and Clean

The 'Safe and Clean' projects of gyBID play a crucial role in ensuring that the town centre is perceived as a safe place to work, live and visit. The Great Yarmouth Business Improvement District helps create a more secure and friendly trading environment through our "ShopSafe" scheme that includes Town Centre CCTV, a town centre exclusion scheme and dedicated street wardens.

Retail crime and the increase of violence against shop workers continues to be a concern for shops and businesses across the UK with the British Retail Consortium reporting that retail theft costs the industry £900m annually whilst a recent survey identified that around 115 retail employees were attacked at work every day. In Great Yarmouth, the number of incidents involving town centre shops fell by 36% in 2019/20 compared to 2015/16.

The gyBID funded crime reduction initiatives have given businesses the tools to reduce minor crime and the vulnerability of their staff to violence. The ShopSafe scheme, incorporating a retail radio link, exclusion scheme, CCTV and the information sharing 'SIRCS' database has contributed greatly to reducing the stock loss of many retailers, whilst the gyBID funded town centre Street Wardens has enhanced the overall package providing a visible re-assuring presence both to people working in and using town centre businesses. The street wardens, working closely with the town centre police patrols, CCTV Operators and Council officers have continued to tackle retail crime, anti-social behaviour and environmental crime during the last five years of gyBID, promoting a safer, friendlier and cleaner town centre for all users.

Since the start of the third BID term, data recorded by the CCTV control room has shown that the total number of crime incidents has decreased by 33% whilst the number of arrests has fallen by 17%. The unique way in which the Great Yarmouth’s CCTV system is managed by the Town Centre Partnership has promoted business involvement in community safety and contributed greatly to the reduction of business crime. The highly experienced and skilled CCTV operators play a proactive role in reducing crime through contact with ShopSafe members and the street wardens using the Partnership's dedicated radio link. With a direct radio link to Norfolk Police HQ the CCTV control room operators can and get a quick response to incidents from the emergency services.


  • 2,865 total incidents recorded via CCTV were responded to in 2019/20, whilst Incidents involving Public Disorder/Disturbance have lowered by 38% since the start of the BID term
  • 183 Exclusion notices issued during 2019/20 down 15% compared to 2018/19
  • During 2019/20 692 ShopSafe incidents attended by street wardens (up from 509 in 2016/17)
  • 2019/20, 82 arrests by Police attending ShopSafe incidents (down 12% from previous year)
  • Usage of retail radio link increased to over 100 users including shops, wardens and police.
  • Incidents of drug offences have also decreased by 11% compared to start of BID.
  • Criminal damage across the BID area has decreased by 27.27% over the last year.


During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic the CCTV control remained operational 24/7 providing essential retailers support during lockdown whilst the town centre street wardens assisted with queue management, providing advice to the public and businesses, distributed printed guidelines and signage and supported Great Yarmouth Borough Council officers in their management of the COVID-19 restrictions. The value of having monitored CCTV linked to police, businesses, street wardens and enforcement officers via a dedicated radio link at a time of crisis was very much proven during 2020.



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