Safety and Security – Ensuring the town is Safe and Clean

The gyBID funded crime reduction initiatives have given retailers the tools to tackle crime and reduce the impact of theft on their business and recent consultations confirm that these are still very important to gyBID levy payers. The ShopSafe scheme, incorporating a retail radio link, the red card exclusion scheme and secure information sharing has contributed greatly to reducing the stockloss of many retailers. The gyBID funded town centre street wardens support the scheme by providing a visible re-assuring presence both to people working in and using town centre businesses. The street wardens, working closely with the town centre police patrols, CCTV Operators and Council officers have had a positive impact on retail crime, anti-social behaviour and environmental crime during the first and second five year terms of gyBID, promoting a safer, cleaner and friendlier town centre for all users.

As well as assisting the wider business community to reduce its vulnerability to crime, the Town Centre Partnership, with funding from gyBID, will also work to improve the perception of safety to shoppers and visitors to the town. The objective of the 'Safe & Clean' initiatives is to promote a wholly safe environment for people to live, shop and work in. Therefore, the following initiatives will continue to form part of the ShopSafe scheme delivered by the Town Centre Partnership if a renewal ballot of businesses is successful.

  • A Street Warden team dedicated to the town centre BID area
  • Retail radio link with over 100 users including shops, wardens and police
  • Town wide exclusion scheme for tackling shoplifters
  • Exclusive access for BID levy payers to database of offender including photographs (SIRCS)
  • Regular training sessions held to assists members with shoplifting and security issues
  • Direct communication via the retail radio link with the town centre CCTV control room
  • Licensed premises radio link 'NightSafe' to promote a safer town at night
  • Working in Partnership with Police and local authorities to promote all aspects of community safety

The full Safe and Clean proposals can be seen in the Business Plan 2016 – 2021, which can be found on the 'Documents' page.



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